Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Who's in Team Harry then? Raven is...

You all know by now that Raven McAllan is my most bestest fave author so I am delighted to have her on the blog today - but then, like Harry, she is quite persuasive.

Thank you so much for hosting #TeamHarry on your blog today.

#TeamHarry is the nickname of The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia. Because when I let the RavDor Chicks, the Fb group for Doris O’Connor and myself, read some snippets they declared Harry a hunk and #TeamHarry are his cheerleaders.

Seducing the wallflower…

Over the years, Lydia Field has perfected the art of being a wallflower. It’s the only way to avoid the attention of unwanted suitors – and the perils of a convenient, loveless marriage! Instead, she dreams of the day she can leave London’s high society behind her, trading the glamorous balls and afternoon teas for a quiet life in the country.

But in an unguarded moment, she finds herself catching the eye of notorious rake ‘Handsome Harry’, Lord Birnham. Now that he’s glimpsed the wildness and fire that lurks beneath Lydia’s demure exterior, Lord Birnham will not rest until he has unleashed the full extent of her passion!

For if there’s one skill that Lord Birnham is known for, it’s the art of persuasion…

And a wee tease…

On the spur of the moment, Lydia decided to slip out and purchase a novel to read on the long journey she intended to undertake. For once, she totally flouted convention and didn’t take a maid or a footman. Her mama would be horrified if she knew, and the ton would have no hesitation in labelling her flighty and worse.

She couldn’t have cared less.

As she wore an old and shabby-ish pelisse and a bonnet that shaded her face, no one gave her a second glance and she reached the bookshop unnoticed. Once inside the shop, with its unmistakable scent of leather and paper, Lydia’s tension slipped away from her like a discarded cloak. She slipped her bonnet down – the brim impeded her vision – and let her gaze feast on the delights in front of her. A happy half hour passed as she deliberated between the volumes on the shelves, and eventually picked one she thought should be light and entertaining, and another, which seemed darker. Between them and chatting with Millie, the journey should pass tolerably well.

Now all she had to do was return home, look as unhappy and unsettled as she had done recently, and wait until the appointed time to leave.

Sneak out like a thief. It was so annoying that she had to behave in such a way, but Lydia understood her parents well enough to know it was the only solution. She turned to go and have her books parcelled up but discovered her route was blocked. By a young man. Who, she realised with a jolt, she recognised.

She should have kept her bonnet on.

Lydia stared at the young man who barred her way. Surely he wasn’t going to cause a scene in Hatchards? Lydia nodded her head infinitesimally in the hope he would find some grace and good manners. He didn’t. He neither moved nor spoke, just glowered.

‘Excuse me,’ she said levelly. ‘I wish to pass.’

His eyes narrowed and he didn’t move. Her temper spiked. Even though he was dressed as any young man of the ton should be, something set him apart, and not in a good way. The wild look in his eyes, perhaps, or the fact that the petulant look she had noticed before was gone, to be replaced by something more adult and, not to put too fine a point on it, worrying.

Harry’s heir.

‘You look like a scullery maid.’

‘I thank you.’ she replied frostily. ‘Please move to one side.’

He stayed put. Those nasty spiders of worry began to make their presence known on her arms. It was one of the most unpleasant feelings ever. Why on earth was he behaving so abysmally?

‘I have heard you think you are going to marry Lord Birnham,’ he said in such a violent tone she jumped. ‘I think not. Not if you value your family.’

Lydia saw red. She was tired of being told what she was and was not to do. People needed to stop dictating to her and let her live her life. All the worry changed into annoyance.

‘What is all this about?’ she demanded. ‘I am so sick of your family trying to dictate to me and mine.’ She conveniently forgot her mama and her machinations. ‘I am marrying no one. Not you, not him, and not the man on the street corner. No one. Understand?’

He scowled. ‘Not him certainly, but me, definitely.’

‘You are mad.’ Lydia went to brush past him, and he barred her way by putting one hand on each stack of books. A very real, albeit tiny, frisson of fear skittered down her spine and she stiffened. He was not going to intimidate her. ‘Leave me alone or I will be forced to take action.’

‘I’ll get what I want,’ Jeremy said. ‘Wait and see.’

She didn’t bother to reply. After all, she wouldn’t be around much longer for him to cry out whatever threat he had intended to make. Lydia ducked under his outstretched arm, dropped her books on his feet, and swept past him, ignoring his howl of pain.

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Happy Reading,

Love Raven x

Friday, 27 May 2016

A Teaser Snippet - When L'Wren met the Dove

L'Wren, Hawk and the Doves, my debut for Pride arrives on 31st May - here's a teaser:

When L'Wren met the Dove...

L’Wren looked into Cytheria’s eyes. A wave of emotions swept over her—feelings of being understood and known, but mixed with her suppressed feelings for not just Hawk but a kiss from a girl, from Cytheria. The sexual desire that she had tried to quash fought for recognition. She found other feelings, buried deeply, that she was less than she could be and would fail him. These so often vied with her self-belief, the strength that had been hard-won in the challenging environment of the Federation academy. It was a heady mix, and the physical need for release didn’t help. Her emotions swam.

She took in Cytheria’s broad, yet still feminine, shoulders and her firm breasts outlined by the shimmering one-piece uniform. L’Wren looked back up into Cytheria’s eyes. Cytheria rested her hand on L’Wren’s shoulder.

“Your feelings are not wrong. You are who you are, and you are neither less nor more than you should ever be. Be true to that,” Cytheria said.

L’Wren’s breathing stopped, and her heart tried to leave her chest through her throat. The atmosphere in the tiny shuttle cabin was as charged as the nacelles of a starship in full hyperdrive.

L’Wren put her hand on Cytheria’s. The warmth of the Turacoenan's skin echoed the warmth of the emotional connection that sparked in the air between them. For a second they held each other’s gazes. The thrum of the Sulaco’s idling engines trembled through the silence. The ship, the mission and the shuttle all faded out of focus

Available for pre-order now, download 31st May from:

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Friday, 20 May 2016

A Teaser Snippet - When Hawk met the Dove

L'Wren, Hawk and the Doves, my debut for Pride arrives on 31st May - here's a teaser:

When Hawk met the Dove...

He tugged down again on his dress uniform tunic, straightening it, then cricked his neck left and right. He’d been through some things in his time in the fleet. There were things that had happened to him and yes, things he’d done—questionable things, expedient things—things that had left an emotional mark. He’d put them aside, moved on. In the mind of a starship captain, there was no room for doubt or uncertainty. His crew depended on him. The safety of the ship was in his hands. There was no room for soul-searching when a life or death decision depended on the right answer at the right time. He needed to be on top of anything that might happen—before it happened.

The proximity docking alarm flashed from green to red. The shuttle was alongside, and the automatic docking systems engaged.

“Shuttle dock preliminary checks completed, and air lock seal confirmed. Halo Seven Five requesting permission to dock,” announced the computer.

“Hawkings acknowledged. Docking permission granted,” he said.

The air lock pressure indicator pulsed from red through to amber, then settled to a steady green. Hawk hit the door control. There was a hiss as the air pressure balanced out between ship and shuttle, then the heavy interlocked doors slid open.

A tall, slim, but well-muscled man with long, raven hair and wearing a tight-fitting, one-piece, functional silver-gray uniform stepped forward. His face was a dangerously attractive mix of a firm, masculine jawline and high cheekbones. His mouth had soft, full, almost-feminine lips, and his perfect almond-shaped blue-gray eyes seemed to look into and through Hawk rather than at him. Hawk experienced a swirl of emotions as he took in the full picture of the Turacoenan—his feelings for L’Wren, his fear for her safety on a dangerous mission, his care and responsibility for the crew.

He found this man, this tall and, yes, beautiful man attractive in both an emotional and a very physical way. This man would understand him, would know how—and maybe even why—he felt those emotions. He would know. He would care. Hawk’s gaze lingered on that mouth, and, for a second, he wondered about kissing it.

It was a feeling he’d not experienced since…

That was a long time ago.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

L'Wren, Hawk and the Doves - is about...

A Hawk?
Some Doves?
But... what's it all about?

Well, “L’Wren, Hawk and the Doves” is just your standard boy meets girl who both meet boy and girl who might be girl and boy while boys and girls fight it out over boys being boys and girls being girls thing.... in space.

A world torn apart by gender, a dangerous peace mission, a starship in peril… Can anybody’s sexuality be certain under pressure?

If your emotions could be felt by another, if the desires you kept hidden were revealed and reflected back on you, would you—could you—deny and control those needs?
And if sexuality and gender aren’t what they seem, does it change who you are?
The mission of the starship Sulaco, its captain Saker Hawkings and first mate L’Wren James, is to deliver the mysterious alien empaths Anchises and Cytheria to the planet Ourania, a world at war with itself.
Where sex is power and gender decides everything, the Dove peace negotiators must interact strictly male to male and female to female with the warring factions to broker a lasting peace.
But can they keep hidden the secret loss that drives them and still control their own empathic responses to the desires and needs of others—the desires that they themselves feed?
And while Hawk and L’Wren struggle to save their ship and face up to the challenges of duty, passion and their own sexuality, with one Dove dangerously injured and the other missing in action, only the truth about Anchises the man and Cytheria the woman can save one of them—but which is which?

Available for pre-order now, download 31st May from:

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Friday, 25 March 2016

#FFF - Flash Friction Friday: Airplane mode.

#FFF - Flash Friday Fiction - one picture, one hundred words
There's a quiet little group of us on Facebook - the best damn group of perverts you'll ever read. Every Friday we write flashes of 100 words precisely inspired by a given picture.

"What do you think?" I asked, "Tall, check. Dark, check. Handsome, check. Beard, tattoos."
"Really? Well done. Metrics?"
"Six foot. One hundred and seventy pounds, all muscle."
"Good. He'll do. Have you tried him?" she said.
I nodded.
"Twice," I said.
She smiled.
"And?" she asked.
"Twice the first time and three times the second time. Well, two and half, kind of. I'd left my phone on and it attempted a Bluetooth connection. The software hung. It was very... frustrating."
"Oh, I can imagine. The mark three used to do that. Put him on airplane mode and I'll take him."

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

#SexySnippets - seven sentences on a Sunday

Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday.
Here are my sexy Sunday seven taken from my Pride Publishing debut "L'Wren, Hawk and the Doves" which will be available for pre-order on the 19th April, for early download on the 3rd May, and on general release from 31st May

She’d never kissed another girl since, but the thought had crept into her fantasies now and then. Once it had even found its way into her imagination as she’d been in the throes of passion with Hawk. The fleeting image of Hawk being replaced by a girl as he’d so diligently applied his lips and tongue had not been unwelcome. Perhaps a girl might be more gentle yet insistent. She might know when to move from…there to…there then…oh, there. Not that she’d told him, of course. Maybe one day she might share that with him.
One day.

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ps - the really astute will notice I've slipped in an eighth sentence there. Don't tell anyone, will you?

Friday, 19 February 2016

#FFF - Flash Friday Fiction: Cross. Dressing.

Flash Friday Fiction - one picture, one hundred words
There's a quiet little group of us on Facebook - the best damn group of perverts you'll ever read. Every Friday we write flashes of 100 words precisely inspired by a given picture.

“Shut the door,” I said, “you're letting the heat out.”
“We can't. We need the light to look for Cassandra’s bra. She's sure she left it here somewhere. And I've had to put on her headband as a pair of knickers seeing as mine have disappeared.”
“Yes it's so annoying. We’ve managed to find our shoes and Verity has at least retrieved my stockings but hers are nowhere to be found, Simon, and we are all supposed to be going out to dinner in ten minutes. Have you any idea where they are.”
“Yes,” I smiled. “I'm wearing the lot.”

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